Professor Quoted in 9/11 Anniversary Article

Professor Quoted in 9/11 Anniversary Article

March 12, 2002

March 12, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - A story in the Monday, March 11 edition of the University of Iowa's Daily Iowan and was picked up by Dow Jones News Service, which checks in with a New York volunteer firefighter and Iowa alumnus on the six month anniversary of the terror attacks, includes analysis from a DePauw University professor. The firefighter, Michael Weinstock, tells the paper, "Sometimes, the attacks feel like yesterday. Then, on the flip side, it's like 10 years ago."

Later, the article continues, "The grief Weinstock is feeling is not unusual, and even six months after the event is too early to make sense of the tragedy, said Melanie Barnes, a DePauw University assistant professor of communications who specializes in coping with grief. '[Weinstock] is responding as normally as he could,' she said. 'Some day, he will give himself the time he needs to Newspapers 011feel this completely, and it will hurt a lot.'"

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