Prof. Ann Jennings Has Book Review Published

Prof. Ann Jennings Has Book Review Published

March 22, 2002

March 22, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - Ann L. Jennings, assistant professor of economics and management and women's studies at DePauw University, is the author of a book review that appears in the March 2002 Journal of Economic Issues. Appearing on page 234 of the Journal is Jennings' review of Market, State, and Feminism: The Economics of Feminist Policy by Graham Dawson and Sue Hatt, with Linda Watson-Brown, Arthur Baxter, and Nancy Bertaux.

Dr. Jennings writes, "The book is fairly solid as far as it goes, but, like traditional Keynesianism in macroeconomics, its goal is largely a defense of the efficacy of state intervention against the free marketeers. Pro-women policies, like more activist fiscal policies, have not unfavorably biased incentives; they are not the cause of crowded labor markets or lower wages; and outcomes are not best in countries with the least market intervention."TOWER CLOSE UP 2

Later, she continues, "These limitations will restrict the usefulness of Market, State, and Feminism to scholars with radical leanings or interests in cutting-edge feminism. As a text for beginners, in either feminism or critiques of free market economics, however, a rather different and more favorable assessment is possible. Most of the book (except, perhaps, the final chapter) should be reasonably accessible to advanced undergraduates. In classrooms, it could provide a fairly liberal introduction to (some) serious feminist arguments without needing to first lay extensive groundwork in either heterodox economic thought or debates among feminists."

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