Prof. Jeff McCall '76 Analyzes College Radio in Chicago Tribune

Prof. Jeff McCall '76 Analyzes College Radio in Chicago Tribune

April 14, 2002

April 14, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - An article in today's Chicago Tribune headlined, "Loyola station feels cutbacks on the horizon," includes a quote from DePauw University Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences Jeff McCall, who is also a 1976 DePauw graduate. The Tribune's Lou Carlozo begins the story, "Just as college kids learn to scrape by on minimal funds, so do many college radio stations -- though in the case of Loyola University's WLUW-FM 88.7, the frugality has now risen to a level other airwave outlets would be hard pressed to match. Since November, the scrappy 100-watt station -- recently voted Chicago's best, college or commercial, by readers of the alternative weekly New City -- has lived with the distinct possibility that Loyola would cut some or even all of its funding. The reason: Despite record enrollments, Loyola is laboring under a $41 million shortfall."

Later, Carlozo writes, "Loyola's dilemma is common in college radio, said Jeffrey McCall, communications professor at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., and faculty adviser to that school's station, WGRE-FM 91.5. 'Here at DePauw, our budget is scrutinized every year, and when I go to radio conferences, it's a common complaint with other stations -- often because college stations are viewed as electronic sandboxes."

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Source: Chicago Tribune