Unprecedented Three Faculty Members Honored with Tucker Award

Unprecedented Three Faculty Members Honored with Tucker Award

April 23, 2002

April 23, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - Three members of the DePauw University faculty (l-r), Cynthia E. Cornell, Professor of English; Nafhat N. Nasr, Professor and Chair of Political Science; and Robert E. Calvert, Professor of Political Science, are this year's recipients of the Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Tucker Jr. Distinguished Career Award. The honor, made annually by the president of the University to a senior member of the faculty, has been historically bestowed upon one person each year.

"It's a tribute to the talent and dedication of our faculty that we honor three individuals this year," said President Robert G. Bottoms (seen with the recipients in the photo below). The award is designed to recognize the achievements of those faculty members who have made notable contributions to DePauw by their commitments to students, teaching excellence, their chosen disciplines, and University service.

The presentation of the unprecedented three Tucker Awards capped off the Annual Assembly of the Timothy H. and Sharon Ubben Society of Teacher-Scholars and Faculty Recognition Dinner. Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty Neal B. Abraham introduced appointees to new endowed professorships and chairs. They are:

  • Elizabeth P. Allen Distinguished University Professorship: Rickey Hill, professor of Political Science and Black Studies
  • University Professorships: Thomas C. Chiarella, Associate Professor of English; Mac R. Dixon-Fyle, Professor of History; Wade N. Hazel, Professor of Biology
  • Tenzer Family University Professorship in Instructional Technology: Dennis A. Trinkle, Assistant Professor of History and Associate Coordinator of Information Services and Technology
  • Lee G. Hall Distinguished Visiting Professorship: Deborah Cameron, Visiting Professor of Language, Gender and Culture; Tamara M. Beauboeuf, Visiting Professor of Education and Sociology
  • Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Journalism: H. David Hall
  • A. Reid Winsey Chair in Art: Catherine Fruhan, Professor of Art
  • Winona H. Welch Chair in Biology: Robert J. Stark, Professor of Biology
  • Laurel H. Turk Chair in Modern Languages: James S. Rambo, Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Richard W. Peck Chair in Creative Writing: Barbara C. Bean, Associate Professor of English
  • John D. Hughes Chair in Communication Arts and Sciences: Larry G. Sutton, Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Mary Alice Braden Chair in Communication Arts and East College tall xzSciences: Steven Timm, Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Frank L. Hall Chair of Political Science: Bruce Stinebrickner, Professor of Political Science
  • Q.G. Noblitt Chair of Economics and Management: William J. Field, Professor of Economics and Management
  • Medora C. Adams Distinguished Professor Award: Victor A. DeCarlo Jr., Professor of Physics
  • Ner Cline Distinguished Professor Award: Marcia A. McKelligan, Professor of Philosophy
  • George Manners Distinguished Professor Award: Gloria Childress Townsend, Professor of Computer Science
  • Richard A. and Jane Leahy Warne Faculty Fellowship: David W. Herrold, Professor of Art
  • Joan Westmen Battey Faculty Fellowship: Barbara J. Whitehead, Associate Professor of History
  • Kris and Linda Elftmann Faculty Fellowship: Cynthia O'Dell, Assistant Professor of Art
  • Sharon Kniebbe Hartshorn Faculty Fellowship: Joseph Heithaus, Assistant Professor of English
  • Carolyn T. Jones Faculty Fellowship: Teresita J. Hernandez, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
  • Nancy Shelly Schaenen Faculty Fellowship: Jeffrey T. Kenney, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
  • Dean and Martha Dunlavy Mitchell Faculty Fellowship: Robert P. Hershberger, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
  • Martha C. Rieth Faculty Fellowships: Susan Balter-Reitz, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences; Melanie K. Barnes, Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences; Masha Belyavski-Frank, Associate Professor of Modern Languages; Douglas E. Harms, Associate Professor of Computer Science; Scott R. Ross, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • John and Janice Fisher Fellow: Maurice W. Manning, Assistant Professor of English
  • John and Janice Fisher Time-out Recipients: Srimati Basu, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Asian Studies and Women's Studies; Anne E. Fernald, Assistant Professor of English; David N. Gellman, Assistant Professor of History; Anne F. Harris, Assistant Professor of Art History; Emmanuel D. Harris II, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages; Ann L. Jennings, Assistant Professor of Economics and Management and Women's Studies; Julianne M. Miranda, Associate Professor of Music; and Jacqueline R. Roberts, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Also honored at the dinner were retiring faculty members Anthony V. Catanese, Professor of Economics and Management, who came to DePauw in 1979; Margaret E. Catanese, Professor of Economics and Management (1979); and Steven R. Raines, Professor of Psychology (1976).