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Educators From Across US Will Attend GLCA Workshops at DePauw

Educators From Across US Will Attend GLCA Workshops at DePauw

June 12, 2002

June 12, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - DePauw University is proudly preparing to host educators from across the United States who will travel to Greencastle June 23-28 for the Great Lakes Colleges Association's (GLCA) Course Design and Teaching Workshops. In the annual workshops, faculty members design or redesign their courses. Participants may work on new courses or take a fresh approach to courses that have been offered for years.

To date, 38 people have registered for the workshops and there is room for only two more. Educators will be coming from the following institutions: Allegheny College, Bowling Green State University, Colorado College, Cornell College, Denison College, DePauw University, Earlham College, Goucher College, Hope College, Indiana University East, Kalamazoo College, Kenyon College, Oberlin College, Simpson College (Iowa), Soka University, St. Olaf College, Wabash College, and College of Wooster. Nine CD&T staff members will oversee the workshops. They are from DePauw University, and Wabash, Albion, Kenyon, Kalamazoo, and Earlham Colleges. Dee Gardner, dean of first-year students at DePauw, is serving as the on-campus liaison.

The GLCA's Web site states, "The workshops provide a supportive and creative environment in which to focus on a curricular project. They engage participants in important theoretical materials about course design and pedagogy. There is also a practical, hands-on component of the seminar in which participants experiment with new approaches to teaching ... Since 1977, over 800 faculty have come to the GLCA summer teaching workshops to develop a new course or improve an existing one. The week-long workshops offer both theoretical and experiential approaches to improved teaching and learning and are open to faculty from both GLCA and non-consortial campuses."

Three workshops will be offered: "Reaching Our Students: a general course design and teaching workshop," "Multicultural Course Design and Teaching," and "Course Design and Teaching in the Sciences and Mathematics." To learn more click here, or call Joyce Budai at (734) 761-4833.