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Bryan Meyer '89 Teaching Youngsters How to Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

Bryan Meyer '89 Teaching Youngsters How to Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

October 3, 2002

October 3, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - Bryan Meyer, a 1989 graduate of DePauw University, "spends his days teaching schoolchildren about Mohandas Gandhi and Mother Teresa at the Peace Learning Center in Indianapolis, a 1960s-style outreach at Eagle Creek Park that promotes peace, love and conflict resolution," writes Scott MacGregor (DePauw '95) writes in today's Indianapolis Star. "It doesn't pay well -- just $9,500 a year -- but Meyer's mission isn't money. 'One of the quotes we use is from Gandhi: 'You've got to be the change you want to see in the world,' ' Meyer said. 'I wanted to be someone who represented another way of being.'"

Established five years ago, the Peace Learning Center teaches people how to resolve without resorting to violence. It has touched the lives of 30,000 inner-city Indianapolis school children.

Bryan Meyer, who has a master's degree in education and has taught in Japan and spent time in the Peace Corps, became interested in peace education while visiting Thailand a few years ago. "Thailand is a Buddhist country, and in their culture, if you show anger, you really look out of place," he tells the Star. Meyer has a year commitment to the Peace Learning Center through AmeriCorps, and plans to continue working with young people in the future, teaching them how to avoid fights and seek peace. "Being an individual going against the grain takes a lot of courage. But nothing will ever change if you don't try. You've got to try."

You can read the article, which contains several mentions of DePauw and a photo of Meyer, at the newspaper's Web site by clicking here. Visit the Peace Learning Center's Web site by clicking here.