NY Times Notes High % of DePauw Students Who Study Abroad

NY Times Notes High % of DePauw Students Who Study Abroad

November 18, 2002

November 18, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - "Fifteen smaller colleges, including Antioch, Carleton, DePauw and Kalamazoo, sent more than 80 percent of their students to study in another country," notes the New York Times in a story published today. This week's Chronicle of Higher Education ranks DePauw third among America's liberal arts colleges in the number of students who study off-campus (based on 2000-01 figures).

The article by Karen W. Arenson says, "Despite concerns that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks might frighten college students away from studying abroad, several new surveys suggest that both the number of students going overseas and the number coming into the United States have held steady or risen this year."

You can read the Times article in its entirety by clicking here. Also accessible is the news release from the Institute of International Education, whose survey is the basis of the Times story. The release, which mentions DePauw, is available here. Learn more about DePauw's International Center here.