Another Month, Another New Record for -- 7.8 Million 'Hits'

Another Month, Another New Record for -- 7.8 Million 'Hits'

December 5, 2002

December 5, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - DePauw University's Web site received 7,804,993 "hits" during the month of November, smashing the record of 7,425,617 set in October, which in turn bested the previous all-time record of 7,260,618 established in September. "There's no question that more people are making a daily destination, and they're spending more time here," says Web Director Scott Cooper. "The feedback we get suggests that's true, and the numbers prove it to be the case." November's hit count was almost one and a half million more than the 6,336,224 posted in November, 2001, and is more than double the 3,161,231 total from November of 2000.

The site received 363,772 visits last month, another record, up from 273,404 in November 2001 and 159,845 in the eleventh month of 2000. The 69,924 unique visitors last month (visits counts every time a user visits the site, unique visitors counts each user once per month), shy of the 75,914 set in April, when a fire at Rector Hall brought a record number of curious Net surfers to Still, the unique visitor total for November 2002 showed huge growth over the same month in 2001 (51,499) and 2000 (28,662).

"Our goal is to make a 'virtual DePauw,' where people can check in and constantly find new information," according to Ken Owen, Director of Media Relations and a 1982 DePauw graduate. "Within an hour of Ben & Jerry's Ubben Lecture, visitors to the site could read about the speech, and download video and audio clips and photographs. I endeavor to post at least one story each day so that our content continues to change, and visitors always find something fresh. The statistics demonstrate that an active, content-driven site is a site that people visit, and return to often."

DePauw's Web site will take on a new look next month. Cooper says the redesign of the site, the first in three years, "will give us a more dynamic look, and I think users will find it to be a big improvement. Rest assured that the features you find on the site today will be retained. Our goal is to make the presentation easier on the eyes, and we continue to look for new opportunities to make the site increasingly easier to navigate." Visitors should see the "new" after the first of the year.