Volunteerism of Desiree Dimond '85 Noted by Indianapolis Star

Volunteerism of Desiree Dimond '85 Noted by Indianapolis Star

February 26, 2003

February 26, 2003, Greencastle, Ind. - Desiree Dimond, an Indianapolis dentist and 1985 graduate of DePauw University, was among 16 private practice dentists who spent a day volunteering, providing free dental care to 45 underprivileged children last week. The gesture, and Dr. Dimond's participation, are noted in an Indianapolis Star story that includes a color photo of the DePauw alumna caring for 15-year-old Elizabeth Flete, who recently moved to Indiana from the Dominican Republic.

"I just think it's something great that we should support, to give back to the community," Dimond is quoted in the story. Flete, who had never been to a dentist before, had her teeth cleaned and cavities filled. The Star's Diana Penner writes, "With Elizabeth's 24-year-old sister, Estherling Pimentel, translating, Dimond explained what she was doing and what Elizabeth should expect to feel. That was all fine -- until Elizabeth saw the needle. Her eyes opened wide, and her mouth shut tight. Jennifer Whetstone, Dimond's dental assistant, held Elizabeth's hands tight. Dimond suggested Elizabeth close her eyes, and that helped. 'She has nice teeth, very nice teeth,' Dimond said. Pimentel translated, and Elizabeth smiled."

Dr. Dimond's day of service was part of the American Dental Association's first national "Give Kids a Smile" campaign, which was expected to serve nearly a million low income children around the nation. You can access the complete story by clicking here.