Prof. David Gellman Publishes New Book, Jim Crow New York

Prof. David Gellman Publishes New Book, Jim Crow New York

April 8, 2003

April 8, 2003, Greencastle, Ind. - Jim Crow New York: A Documentary History of Race and Citizenship, 1777-1877, edited by DePauw University assistant professor of history David Gellman (seen in photo) and David Quigley (Boston College), will arrive in bookstores this week. Published by NYU Press, the book examines the 1821 rewriting of New York's state constitution which denied voting rights to all but the wealthiest African-American men.

"Jim Crow New York introduces students and scholars alike to this watershed event in American political life," reads a summary by the publisher. "This action crystallized the paradoxes of free black citizenship, not only in the North but throughout the nation: African Americans living in New York would no longer be slaves. But would they be citizens?"

Michael Vorenberg, the author of Final Freedom, praises the book. "With so many document collections aimed at teaching scholars and students about slavery and race relations in the nineteenth-century South, it is refreshing and enlightening to read a collection that reminds us of the northern side of the story," he states.

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