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DePauw an Increasing Value, Has Momentum, Board Chairman Reports

DePauw an Increasing Value, Has Momentum, Board Chairman Reports

April 25, 2003

April 25, 2003, Greencastle, Ind. - Video Link [DOWNLOAD VIDEO: "Increasing Value" 577KB] "We feel very strongly that the value of the DePauw experience has increased significantly in the last three or four years," Judson C. Green Jr. ‘74, chair of DePauw's Board of Trustees, said this afternoon at the conclusion of the board's spring meeting. "It's because of the strength of our faculty [and] the increasing strength of our student body, and these are things we do not want to degrade as we go forward," Green said, noting that DePauw and other colleges and universities are operating in "a very difficult economic environment."

In a news conference with student journalists as the board's 2-day meeting ended, Green talked of Rector Village, the series of townhomes that will occupy the site of Rector Hall, which was ravaged by a fire one year ago and which was demolished this week to make way for the new project (read more here). Audio Link[DOWNLOAD AUDIO: "Rector Village" 57KB] "I think it's going to be fantastic for the overall aesthetics of the campus and for increasing the quality of living for the students."

The chairman also reported that the board heard from students and faculty members on DePauw President Robert G. Bottoms' recent call to all members of the campus to "build a responsible community" and work together to develop a long-range effort to reduce alcohol abuse and related at-risk behaviors (read more here). He called it "a very excellent presentation and open discussion about this important initiative in the future life and success and vitality of DePauw." Green says the work will be "difficult and take time," adding, Audio Link[DOWNLOAD AUDIO: "Building a Responsible Community" 138KB] "there are serious issues here that have to be addressed but I think we came away [with the realization] that we're taking a very professional and appropriate approach to dealing with these difficult issues. There's gonna have to be a lot of dialogue, a lot of sharing of ideas, and we can't jump to conclusions. But we were generally pleased with the energy and enthusiasm to address this."

Green, president and CEO of Navigation Technologies Corporation, says among the board's priorities, "the quality of the faculty, the development of the faculty and paying them competitively is at the top of the list. We also care very much about things that involve the students, the admission of a highly-talented group of students and the programming that is required to make the student experience at DePauw rich and vibrant, and, of course, the facilities, because we think that impacts the entire experience. Video Link [DOWNLOAD VIDEO: "Keeping the Momentum" 471KB] We think on all three of those fronts we have built great momentum in the last three or four years, and I think we all should -- because we've all participated in this collectively -- we all should be very proud of what we've accomplished, and the fundamental challenge we have is that we don't lose that momentum."ectower dusk

The downturn in the stock market over the past 30 months has affected university endowments, and the ability of colleges to raise funds, Green noted. Audio Link[DOWNLOAD AUDIO: "Alumni" 171KB] "I think the more we get our alums back to campus, the more we can effectively communicate how substantively we have changed the campus. And when we can engage them in what's happening with the faculty and in the programs of the students -- let alone have our alums spend time with our faculty and students -- DePauw has never been stronger, it's never been more vibrant, and we're excited about it."