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A First: Four Faculty Members Honored with the Tucker Award

A First: Four Faculty Members Honored with the Tucker Award

April 28, 2003

April 28, 2003, Greencastle, Ind. - Four members of the DePauw University faculty -- professor of history Roderick Clifford, professor of sociology and anthropology Nancy J. Davis, professor of history John Dittmer, and professor of biology Charles E. Mays -- are this year's recipients of the Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Tucker Jr. Distinguished Career Award. The honor, made annually by the president of the University to a senior member of the faculty, has been historically bestowed upon one person each year, although there were three recipients last year. The award is designed to recognize the achievements of those faculty members who have made notable contributions to DePauw by their commitments to students, teaching excellence, their chosen disciplines, and University service.

DePauw President Robert G. Bottoms presented the Tucker Awards Friday night at the Annual Assembly of the Timothy H. and Sharon Ubben Society of Teacher-Scholars and Faculty Recognition Dinner, held at the Student Social Space at the Walden Inn. At the event, professor of religious studies Valarie H. Ziegler became the fifth recipient of the Edwin L. Minar Jr. Scholarship Award. Established in 1981, the award is presented in recognition of exceptional scholarly achievement and is named in honor of its first recipient, a former professor in the department of classical studies.

At the dinner, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty Neal B. Abraham also introduced appointees to new endowed professorships and chairs and recognized special appointments made for the current academic year. They are:

University Professors (2003-2007):

  • Ian Rolland Chair of Mathematics: Nachimuthu Manickam, Professor of Mathematics
  • Johnson Family University Professorship: Ellen Johnston Maycock, Professor of Mathematics; Barbara J. Steinson, Professor of History
  • Joseph Percival "Perk" Allen III University Professor: Gary D. Lemon, Professor of Economics and Management

Visiting Professors:

  • Lee G. Hall Distinguished Visiting Professor of Sculpture (Spring 2003): Nancy Bowen
  • Lee G. Hall Distinguished Playwright in Residence (Spring 2003): Femi Osofisan
  • Lee G. Hall Distinguished Visiting Professor of Sculpture (Fall 2003): Dale Enochs
  • Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Professor of Journalism (2003-): Ken Bode
  • The Robert and Carolyn Frederick Visiting Professor of Ethics (2003-2004): Jeffrey Spike

Endowed Faculty Chairs:

  • Edwin L. Minar Jr. Chair in Classical Studies (2003-08): Carl A. Huffman, Professor of Classical Studies; Robert Stockwell Professor of Greek Language and Literature
  • Herrick E. H. Greenleaf Chair in Computer Science (2003-08): Gloria C. Townsend, Professor of Computer Science
  • Walter E. Bundy Chair in Religious Studies (2003-08): Bernard F. Batto, Professor of Religious Studies
  • Hiram L. Jome Chair in Economics and Management (2003-06): Mary P. English, Associate Professor of Economics and Management
  • A. W. Crandall Chair in History (2003-06): Yung-chen Chiang, Professor of History
  • John Rabb Emison Professor of Creative and Performing Arts (2003-08): Robert D. Kingsley, Professor of Art

Distinguished Professor Awards (2003-05):

  • John Price Durbin John Distinguished Professor Award: C. Matthew Balensuela, Associate Professor of Music
  • Albert F. and Ada C. Bridges Distinguished Professor Award: Carla G. Edwards, Associate Professor of Music
  • James Whitcomb Riley Distinguished Professor Award: John T. Schlotterbeck, Professor of History

Faculty Fellowships (2003-2006):

  • John J. and Elizabeth Bowden Baughman Faculty Fellowship: Martha Rainbolt, Professor of English; Hiroko M. Chiba, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (Japanese); Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr., Professor of English; Mark A. Kannowski, Professor of Mathematics; Mitchell B. Merback, Associate Professor of Art; Kerry Pannell, Assistant Professor of Economics and Management; Carl P. Singer, Professor of Computer Science; Frederick M. Soster, Professor of Geology and Geography; and M. Scott Wilkerson, Associate Professor of Geology and Geography

The John and Janice Fisher Fund for Faculty Development:

  • John and Janice Fisher Fellow (2003-04): Barbara J. Steinson, Professor of History (fall semester); Steven Timm, Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences; Mary Alice Braden Chair in Communication Arts and Sciences (spring semester)
  • John and Janice Fisher Time-out Recipients (2003-04): Pedar W. Foss, Assistant Professor of Classical Studies; Matthew J. Hertenstein, Assistant Professor of Psychology; Carrie F. Klaus, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (French); William G. Little, Assistant Professor of English; John T. Schlotterbeck, Professor of History; Greg Schwipps, Assistant Professor of English; Bruce Stinebrickner, Professor of Political Science; Michele T. Villinski, Instructor of Economics and Management; M. Christine White, Assistant Professor of English

Also honored at the dinner were retiring faculty members J. Richard Curry, Professor of Modern Languages, who came to DePauw in 1970; John Dittmer, Professor of History (1985); Charles E. Mays, Professor of Biology (1968); Robert G. Sedlack, Professor of English (1964); and Larry G. Sutton, Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences (1963).