DePauw Senior Quoted in Story on

DePauw Senior Quoted in Story on

May 2, 2003

May 2, 2003, Greencastle, Ind. - "Stan Jastrzebski, a communications major at DePauw University ... is getting ready to graduate in mid-May. But instead of tackling the tough job market for journalism, he's going straight to graduate school for a master's degree," begins a story at posted today. Jastrzebski, a senior from Elgin, Illinois, tells reporter Catherine Valenti, "It's a very scary time to be a college senior. Regardless of what the cost is, it's a much smarter decision to go to grad school in the fall in order to prolong going into the job market as much as I can."

The article continues, "Like Jastrzebski, many college seniors and students in their last year of a master's degree program are starting to re-evaluate their career paths amid a dismal environment for job hunting. Around 42 percent of employers surveyed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based group that provides information for career services professionals on college campuses, say they expect to cut college hiring this year, while 36 percent said they plan to hire new college graduates."

You can access the complete story, entitled "Hiring Slump on Campus: College and M.B.A. Graduates Get Ready to Face Dismal Job Market," by clicking here.

Stan Jastrzebski has run summer "quiz camps" for high school students that are held on the DePauw campus. Read about that here.

Source: ABC