Boston Herald Quotes Prof. Jeff McCall '76

Boston Herald Quotes Prof. Jeff McCall '76

May 15, 2003

May 15, 2003, Greencastle, Ind. - "FCC Chairman Michael Powell and two other Republican commissioners are poised to push through new rules that would relax a ban on newspapers and broadcasters owning properties in both mediums in the same markets," writes Cosmo Macero Jr. in the Boston Herald. His column continues, ``'If the FCC does move ahead and allow cross-ownership . . . there is going to be this kind of rush to form alliances,' says DePauw University media professor Jeffrey McCall. 'Companies are going to say: If we do stand still, we could be (in trouble) in five years.' ''

Dr. McCall, a professor of communication arts and sciences at DePauw and a 1976 graduate of the University, is widely quoted on media matters. A United Press International article on the Laci Peterson case used him as a source (read more here), and he's been cited in other recent stories in the Dallas Morning News and the Sacramento Bee. Newspapers 011

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Source: Boston Herald