Cincinnati Enquirer Story on Media Coverage of Kobe Bryant Quotes Prof. Jeff McCall '76

Cincinnati Enquirer Story on Media Coverage of Kobe Bryant Quotes Prof. Jeff McCall '76

August 7, 2003

August 7, 2003, Greencastle, Ind. - "'Unfortunately, it seems to me like the media, particularly the television reporters, are not willing to sit still and let the judicial process run its course,' said Jeffrey McCall, a communications professor at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana," in a story on the Kobe Bryant case in today's Cincinnati Enquirer. Of the rape allegations facing Bryant, a star player for the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, Dr. McCall adds, "Everyone wants to have the big break in the story or get the witness or find the information that's not being handed out by the court. It's not the media's job to be involved in this judicial proceeding."

The Enquirer's Peggy O'Farrell notes that "while mainstream media are usually reluctant to identify rape victims -- regardless of the accused's status -- several Internet sites have published the woman's photo and name. One site posted her address and home phone number ... advocates for rape and sexual assault survivors worry the media frenzy surrounding the Bryant case will discourage victims from coming forward to report they've been assaulted."

Later, she writes, "McCall also worries that the flood of information about Bryant's accuser could endanger her safety. 'I don't even know that it would be safe for a woman like that to be out in public. Sports fans are so dedicated that sometimes they think they're helping their star athlete heroes by intimidating the witness or the alleged victim,' he said."

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Jeff McCall is a 1976 graduate of DePauw and faculty adviser to WGRE, the radio station he worked on during his undergraduate days.

Source: Cincinnati Enquirer