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Training Important for Teachers, Student Writes

Training Important for Teachers, Student Writes

January 29, 2004

January 29, 2004, Greencastle, Ind. - "As an undergraduate student only a year and a half away from being a high school mathematics teacher, I have spent hundreds of hours in both university and high school classrooms learning to be the best teacher I can," begins a letter to the editor by DePauw junior Tina C. Flispart, which is published in today's Indianapolis Star. "At DePauw University, I have learned how to guide students through adolescence, along with effective methods of teaching math."

The letter continues, "In his State of the Union address, President Bush proposed that the United States invite math and science professionals from the private sector to teach part-time in high schools. I am offended. It implies that a high school teacher who never entered the private sector is not a professional. When I graduate, I will have the same mathematics training as my fellow students who will go on to other jobs. The difference is that I will have the special training in how to be a good teacher."

You can access the letter at the newspaper's Web site by clicking here.