Notes DePauw-MusicRebellion Online Music Partnership Notes DePauw-MusicRebellion Online Music Partnership

August 24, 2004

mtv.gifAugust 24, 2004, Greencastle, Ind. - "DePauw University students can purchase discounted downloads from Music Rebellion," notes a story at, which begins, "As the fall semester looms near, colleges and universities are ramping up the programs and penalties to prevent illegal file-sharing on campus, and it shows on their report card. [Today] the Joint Committee of Higher Education and Entertainment Communities issued a report to Congress outlining the initiatives schools have taken in the areas of education on copyright infringement; technological solutions to the problem; and future collaborations between the recording industry, legitimate download services and college administrations."

The article continues, "The report focused mainly on new deals that have been struck between colleges and legal download services such as Napster. Since Pennsylvania State University began offering Napster 2.0 to a select number of students last spring, 19 other schools have adopted similar programs." It then lists DePauw among colleges and universities that are proactively providing students options for legal music downloading arrangements.

"Although 20 schools is a tiny percentage of those nationwide, the education and entertainment committee is confident the trend will continue to spread," the story states. "Educating the student body on the legal ramifications of copyright infringement continues to be a top priority," according to the committee's report.

Read the complete story at MTV's Web site by clicking here.  Access the original announcement of the DePauw-MusicRebellion partnership here. The Chronicle of Higher Education also wrote of DePauw in a story on colleges and music downloads.  Read more here.