Emeritus Prof. Felix Goodson's Latest Book Reviewed in Contemporary Psychology

Emeritus Prof. Felix Goodson's Latest Book Reviewed in Contemporary Psychology

August 27, 2004

August 27, 2004, Greencastle, Ind. - A review of a recently published book by Felix E. Goodson, emeritus professor of psychology at DePauw University, states: "In terms of the reasons for a unified psychology, evolutionary psychology textbooks and evolutionary psychologists have provided us with the 'whys.' Like Euclid, Goodson has shown us the 'hows,' quietly as Darwin did. Moreover, Goodson set himself the formidable task of bringing psychology into the evolutionary synthesis, and he does so gracefully, with an enviable richness of scholarship," write Mike Knight and Christina Alstrom.

The review of Dr. Goodson's The Evolution and Function of Cognition appears in the August/September 2004 (vol. 49, no.4) edition of Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books. Knight and Alstrom are professors in the department of psychology, college of education, at the University of Central Oklahoma. They write: "Along with Hillix, Marx, and others, Goodson has long been a student of the nature and function of theory in science. In that sense this volume is the culmination of a life's endeavor.

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