Convocation with Jane Elliott at DePauw April 26

Convocation with Jane Elliott at DePauw April 26

April 9, 2000

April 9, 2000, Greencastle, Ind. - Jane Elliott, who adapted the "Blue Eyed, Brown Eyed" discrimination experiment for her classroom, will present the Multicultural Student Leadership Scholars Convocation addressing "The Anatomy of Prejudice: The Eye of the Storm" on Wednesday, April 26 at DePauw University. The public is invited to attend the convocation at 7 p.m. in East College, Meharry Hall. A reception will follow the convocation.

For more than 25 years, Elliott, a former teacher from Iowa, has committed herself to leading a fight against prejudice. The "Blue Eyed, Brown Eyed" exercise in which participants are labeled inferior or superior based on the color of their eyes, began in a third-grade classroom in all-white, all-Christian Riceville, Iowa, immediately after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. It has been repeated with dramatic results throughout the country, and those who have experienced it have said it is an emotionally significant and life-changing experience.

The exercise forces those in the "Majority" to experience life as one who has been rendered powerless on the basis of a physical trait Old DePauw Gold EC Logo.jpgover which he/she has no control.

In her live, riveting presentation, Elliott contends that "A white person who has been raised and socialized in America has been conditioned to be a racist ... We live in two countries, one black and one white." Elliott has received several awards and has appeared on: The Today Show, Tonight with Johnny Carson and Oprah!. She is a veteran presenter who has addressed groups ranging from colleges and universities, to civil service organizations, elementary schools, corporations and businesses. Elliott's work has been the subject of three award-winning films: Eye of The Storm, Eye of the Beholder and 1996's Blue Eyed.