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Trustees Discuss Possibility of New Master's Degree in Education

Trustees Discuss Possibility of New Master's Degree in Education

October 9, 2004

October 9, 2004, Greencastle, Ind. - At its fall meeting, which concluded on Friday, October 8, DePauw University's Board of Trustees supported a proposal that the University offer a master's degree program in teaching. Currently, DePauw awards only bachelor's degrees in the liberal arts and music. The master's degree, currently under discussion, would need to be approved by the DePauw faculty.

"This is a way DePauw students who want to teach can receive the full benefit of a liberal arts education," stated incoming board chair James B. Stewart Jr. '73 to student reporters at a news conference following the Board meeting. "Students who want to teach will take a fifth year to receive certification and a Master of Arts in Teaching," Stewart added. He explained that the state requires certain conditions for certification, and students have been hampered by spending so much of their class time meeting the requirements during their four years as undergraduates.

Stewart said the board members also devoted a great deal of time to "specifically looking at ways to continue to support and strengthen the faculty at DePauw and at the same time raise more funds to support programs for students" and "to create a healthy and supportive climate for students at DePauw."

The Trustees discussed long-term plans for admission. Stewart said, "The Board is always keenly interested in having the best students we can attract. We discussed what kind of resources we have to provide to attract the best students, so that students who are qualified to attend DePauw can afford to do so." He also indicated that Board members are very strong in their support of efforts and continue and enhance efforts that have made DePauw a national model for attracting a diverse student body.

Stewart emphasized that Board members place high priority on continuing to enhance the quality of the DePauw experience. "We on the Board feel DePauw has been very successful in the last five to 10 years in enhancing academic programs, the quality of faculty members and the quality of students. We want to be able to continue to move forward," Stewart said. "One of the main questions is how do we advance while being fiscally responsible."

Stewart said other topics discussed at the board meeting included: the DePauw Community Covenant, efforts of the Coalition for a Responsible Community, improvements needed in the fitness center located in the Lilly Physical Education and Recreation Center.