Tigers fall in NCAA first-round match

Tigers fall in NCAA first-round match

May 1, 2004

Kalamazoo, Mich. - DePauw, ranked 25th in Division III, finished the 2004 season with a 4-1 loss to 11th-ranked Washington (Mo.) in the first round of the NCAA Division III Championship. The Tigers finished the season with an 11-13 record.


Washington won the doubles point by winning all three doubles matches before claiming the victory with sins at second, third and fourth singles in straight sets. Marshall Kuresman rallied at number one singles to defeat Brian Alvo 4-6, 7-5, 6-4. DePauw now awaits the announcement of the singles and doubles draw to come next week.


DePauw University vs Washington (Mo.)
5/1/2004 at Kalamazoo, Mich.


#11 Washington (Mo.) 4, #25 DePauw University 1
Singles competition:
1. Marshall Kuresman (DEPAUW) def. Brian Alvo (WASHU) 4-6, 7-5, 6-4
2. Ari Rosenthal (WASHU) def. Donald Person (DEPAUW) 6-2, 6-0
3. Zack Fayne (WASHU) def. Evan Webeler (DEPAUW) 6-3, 7-6 (7-5)
4. Will McMahan (WASHU) def. Darren Eblovi (DEPAUW) 6-3, 6-4
5. Chris Kuppler (WASHU) vs. Aaron Gress (DEPAUW) unfinished
6. Eric Borden (WASHU) vs. Ryan Golden (DEPAUW) unfinished


Doubles competition:
1. Brian Alvo/Ari Rosenthal (WASHU) def. Darren Eblovi/Jeff Zanchelli (DEPAUW) 8-2
2. Chris Kuppler/Will McMahan (WASHU) def. Ryan Golden/Evan Webeler (DEPAUW) 9-7
3. Zack Fayne/Tim Fisher (WASHU) def. Marshall Kuresman/Donald Person (DEPAUW) 9-8 (7-5)


Match Notes:
DePauw University 11-13; National ranking #25
Washington (Mo.) 13-9; National ranking #11