Educational Marketing Journal Cites in Story, 'How to Get the Most from Your Web Site'

Educational Marketing Journal Cites in Story, 'How to Get the Most from Your Web Site'

January 31, 2005

laptop columns.jpgJanuary 31, 2005, Greencastle, Ind. - "At DePauw University (Greencastle, Ind.) a monthly comparison of top page views helps the institution maintain its goal of targeting the site to multiple audiences, including prospective students, alumni, current students and faculty," notes the Winter 2005 issue of the Lawlor Review. DePauw is referenced in an article titled "Making Your Web Log Work for You: How to Get the Most from Your Web Site."

The story quotes Dennis Trinkle, associate vice president for academic affairs and chief information officer at DePauw, and a 1991 graduate of the University. "The overall site needs to be rich enough for each [audience], but not so much so for any group that the others get lost," he says. "This data, coupled with the number of discrete visitors to each section, helps us to strike that balance."

Virginia R. Buege writes, "Though most often used to measure external audience site usage, Web metrics can have relevance for the campus community as well, notes DePauw's Trinkle. For example, he says that by gauging what topics receive the most clicks on the institution's Web 'help' pages, IT knows how to improve training for its Help Desk staff. A slightly more unusual application presented itself last summer as DePauw prepared for its new class. 'The new student section is a tightly packaged sub-page within our Web site,' Trinkle explains. 'We routinely check the traffic there to see how many students come, what they look at, and so forth.' In this case, Trinkle noticed an unusually large number of visitors looking at the information about graduation requirements. By sharing this information with summer orientation staff, they were better prepared for the discussions and questions that inevitably would arise from this group of students."

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DePauw is the third "most wired" college or university campus in the United States, according to the Princeton Review's "Top 25 Most Connected Campuses." The second annual list analyzes and ranks the technology on 357 college campuses. Read more about DePauw's ranking, and the 361° Initiatives, by clicking here.