Prof. Ken Bode Urges Indianapolis Star Readers to Watch CNN Documentary

Prof. Ken Bode Urges Indianapolis Star Readers to Watch CNN Documentary

August 26, 2005

ken bode crop.jpgAugust 26, 2005, Greencastle, Ind. - "We have bungled the war, the occupation, and now we hasten the governing council to adopt an Iraqi constitution that will effectively make Islamic law supreme. This is the democracy we promise for the Middle East?," asks Ken Bode, Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Professor of Journalism at DePauw University, in today's Indianapolis Star.

"The common explanation is that this disaster in Iraq grew out of 'intelligence failures' at the outset," Bode continues. "No one has been saddled with the blame; indeed, CIA director George Tenet got a Medal of Freedom for his blundering. That is why a CNN documentary, Dead Wrong: Inside an Intelligence Meltdown, is timely." The program, which airs several times this weekend, "reviews the intelligence run-up to the congressional authorization and the invasion... What Dead Wrong carefully demonstrates is that none of the above proved true. More important, using testimony from government and CIA officials now out of office, the documentary shows how the army helmet.jpgadministration built its case for invading Iraq by 'cherry picking' -- using scraps of intelligence to build a worse-case scenario. The intelligence was rigged and Americans were scared into supporting the war."

The professor asserts, "As he prepared to invade Iraq, Bush said he did not consult his father; he consulted a higher Father. Whatever he was told in that venue, America would have been better off if he just stayed within the family. In his last major speech as president, Bush Sr. addressed a West Point audience, formulating a set of principles for using military force in the post-Cold War world. How much better off we would be if his son had taken seriously just one sentence in that speech: 'But in every case involving the use of force, it will be essential to have a clear and achievable mission, a realistic plan for accomplishing the mission and criteria no less realistic for withdrawing U.S. forces once the mission is complete.'"

In summary, Ken Bode advises his readers, "Dead Wrong makes a powerful, convincing case that the Bush administration hijacked the intelligence community. Watch it and make up your own mind."

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Source: Indianapolis Star