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Prof. Erik Wielenberg Contributes Chapter to The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy

Prof. Erik Wielenberg Contributes Chapter to The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy

September 26, 2005

erik wielenberg.jpgSeptember 26, 2005, Greencastle, Ind. - Erik J. Wielenberg, associate professor of philosophy at DePauw University, contributes a chapter to, The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy. The new book is part of Open Court Publishing's "Popular Culture and Philosophy" series. The chapter authored by Dr. Wielenberg is entitled, "Aslan the Terrible: Painful Encounters with Absolute Goodness."

"The Chronicles of Narnia series has entertained millions of readers, both children and adults, since the appearance of the first book in 1950," note the book's editors. "Here, scholars turn the lens of philosophy on these timeless tales. Engagingly written for a lay audience, these essays consider a wealth of topics centered on the ethical, spiritual, mythic, and moral resonances in the adventures of Aslan, the Pevensie children, and the rest of the colorful cast. Do the spectacular events in Narnia give readers a simplistic view of human choice and decision wielenberg chronicles.jpgmaking? Does Aslan offer a solution to the problem of evil? What does the character of Susan tell readers about Lewis' view of gender? How does Lewis address the Nietzschean "master morality" embraced by most of the villains of the Chronicles? With these and a wide range of other questions, this provocative book takes a fresh view of the world of Narnia and expands readers' experience of it."

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Professor Wielenberg's book, Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe, was recently praised in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Learn more in this previous story.