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"Spin" Can't Eliminate Problems of the Bush Presidency, Prof. Ken Bode Writes

"Spin" Can't Eliminate Problems of the Bush Presidency, Prof. Ken Bode Writes

November 11, 2005

November 11, 2005, Greencastle, Ind. - Even though some pundits suggest things aren't so bad for President Bush -- "Karl Rove was not indicted and with the Alito nomination, President Bush repaired frayed relations with his conservative base" -- Ken Bode begs to differ. Writing in today's Indianapolis Star, the Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Professor of Journalism at DePauw University argues that Bush's situation parallels that faced by Lyndon Johnson. "Johnson was elected in an enormous landslide in 1964 in the halo of a slain president. He had tremendous domestic accomplishments, but it was the war he could not end that ultimately paralyzed the Johnson presidency. The same will be true of Bush," Bode writes.

The professor points out that public support for the Iraq war has declined dramatically. "So the pundits have a harder job defending Bush's position that we must stay the course. So they resort to spin and even fiction," suggesting, for example, that the insurgency is declining. "Anyone who saw last month's casualty reports knows that is not true," asserts Bode, the former CNN senior political analyst.

george w bush july 2005.jpgIn conclusion, Bode declares, "Bush's policies are creating an Iraq syndrome, [Ohio State Political Science Professor John] Mueller argues [in the current issue of Foreign Affairs]. Among casualties of this war will certainly be the president's own doctrines of unilateralism, preemption and preventative war. After Iraq, whenever that may be, America is unlikely to force our style of democracy on the rest of the world. We will not soon hear, says Mueller, 'that (America) has the duty to rid the world of evil, that international cooperation is of only limited value, that European and other well-meaning foreigners are naive and decadent wimps.'"

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Source: Indianapolis Star