The Scientist Quotes Prof. Wade Hazel

The Scientist Quotes Prof. Wade Hazel

February 4, 2006

February 4, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - "It's a pretty convincing demonstration and it's a really nice model," Wade N. Hazel, professor of biology, tells The Scientist. Dr. Hazel is quoted in an article examining the finding that "polyphenisms -- distinct phenotypes emerging from identical genomes -- can evolve through genetic stabilization of a stress-induced phenotype. The authors (of the research) suggest that complex traits, such as color change, may evolve suddenly when a mutation in a developmental hormone reveals previously hidden genetic diversity."

The story includes several quotes from Professor Hazel, who was not involved in the study, as well as links to some of his work. Melissa Lee Phillips writes that the DePauw professor believes that the researchers' "results fit well with previous theoretical work. Still, Hazel noted that he would have liked to The Scientist Feb 2006.jpgsee 'whether these hormonal changes that they document in their selected lines actually occur in the species that exhibits the polyphenism in the wild.'"

Read the entire text, headlined "Unleashing genetic diversity: Mutation in hormonal pathway can reveal environment-dependent phenotypes," at the magazine's Web site.

Learn about one of Wade Hazel's research projects -- "Theoretical and Empirical Studies of a Conditional Strategy: Environmentally Cued Pupal Color in Swallowtail Butterflies" -- which also utilizes DePauw students, in this previous story.

Source: The Scientist