A Record 900-Thousand Visits and Nearly 18-Million 'Hits' Here in February

A Record 900-Thousand Visits and Nearly 18-Million 'Hits' Here in February

March 2, 2006

012105.jpgMarch 2, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - The 61-foot buzzer-beating heave Sunday that sent DePauw's men's basketball team to the NCAA Division III tournament kept the University's Web server working overtime this week. Final figures for February show DePauw.edu attracted 17,968,861 "hits" and 195,583 unique visitors last month: an approximate 50% and 33%, respectively, increase over February 2005 (12,059,189 and 159,844). The 900,962 visits to the site last month is a new record, eclipsing the previous high of 858,617 from November 2005.

After the video clip of Austin Brown's game-winning shot was posted Video Link [Download Video: "See the Game-Winning Shot" - 1167kb], the site received 906,293 hits Monday and another 929,936 Tuesday (versus the month-long average of 641,745 hits per day). The movie file was downloaded 11,296 times -- accounting for 11.35% of downloads from DePauw.edu all month -- by 7,875 visitors, making it far and away #1 for February. The audio file of WGRE's play-by-play of the fantastic finish was played 1,429 times by 1,054 visitors. Audio Link [Download Audio: espn logo.jpg"WGRE Audio" - 1200kb]

As of this morning, the story announcing that the shot was ESPN's "Play of the Day" Tuesday has received 6,776 hits, making it the 18th most-read story in the history of the site, which has 4,362 total stories, with more addedstewscacchamp.jpg each day (the all-time leader is the story posted as Rector Hall burned, which stands at 22,801 "hits").

"'The shot' has obviously generated a lot of attention around campus," says sports information director Bill Wagner, "but much of the traffic we've seen in the past few days has been from people who saw the video on TV and came to DePauw to learn more. Besides ESPN, the footage has popped up on local sportscasts all over the nation, and yesterday's appearance by Austin Brown on ESPN2 only created more curiosity. It's an amazing shot, obviously, but what seems to really touch people is the sincerity of small college basketball and players who are students first, athletes second and playing for the love of the game, not a scholarship or a pro career down the road. Big things can happen in small gyms without network cameras present."

November 2005 remains the all-time king with 18,506,561 hits and 4,214,601 page views; while October 2005 stands as the record month for unique visitors (203,725). "Still, when you factor in that November benefited from the Mikhail Gorbachev Ubben Lecture and the always Bottoms Gorbachev.jpgpopular Monon Bell coverage and is two days longer than February, last month's numbers are quite remarkable," notes Ken Owen '82, director of media relations at DePauw.

The average visitor spent 19 minutes and 20 seconds, per visit, at this site last month and the average visitor stopped by 4.61 times over the course of the month. At least 4% of the visitors that came to DePauw.edu were in a foreign country. Australia was the top draw, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, and Germany.

A total of 105 new stories appeared on the news section of the site last month. Besides DePauw's basketball successes, other popular entries included the NBC internships of two students at the Winter Olympics; President Bottoms' first-ever webcast and his Kate Billman WTHR.jpgsubsequent appearance on statewide television; the announcement that Sen. Evan Bayh will deliver this year's commencement address; a television report that focused on a Winter Term in Service project; word of Charles Fishman's upcoming Ubben Lecture on his book, The Wal-Mart Effect; Professor Ken Bode's op-ed on Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential chances; and Professor Jeff McCall's February 3 appearance on FOX News' O'Reilly Factor.

While news was the most popular feature on the site (97,723 visits; 280,927 views; 2:22 average time viewed), the athletics page was also a popular draw (31,220; 53,621; 1:11). The University calendar, students page, and photo gallery feature rounded out the top five.

  Hits Unique Visitors Visits Page Views
February 2006


195,583 900,962 4,205,249
Feb. 2005


159,844 691,871 2,961,940
Feb. 2004 8,528,672 152,576 481,346 1,930,078
Feb. 2003 7,171,876 74,368 364,232 1,428,953
Feb. 2002 5,602,013 54,518 275,404 1,046,003
Feb. 2001 3,233,104 27,633 164,333 792,252

("hits" is a count of all the successful hits including HTML pages, pictures, forms, scripts and files downloaded; unique visitors counts each user once per month; visits counts every time a user visits the site)