Prof. Marthe Chandler Receives 2006 Tucker Award

Prof. Marthe Chandler Receives 2006 Tucker Award

April 21, 2006

2006 Tucker Marthe Chandler.jpgApril 21, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - Marthe A. Chandler, professor of philosophy at DePauw and chair of the University's philosophy department, is the 2006 recipient of the Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Tucker Jr. Distinguished Career Award. The honor is made annually by the president of the University to one or more senior members of the faculty. The award is designed to recognize the achievements of those faculty members who have made notable contributions to DePauw by their commitments to students, teaching excellence, their chosen disciplines, and University service.

DePauw President Robert G. Bottoms presented the Tucker Award tonight at the Annual Assembly of the Timothy H. and Sharon Ubben Society of Teacher-Scholars and Faculty Recognition Dinner, held at Walden Inn. Two faculty members -- professor of sociology David M. Newman and professor of classical studies Carl A. Huffman (seen in photo at right) -- received the Edwin L. Minar Jr. Scholarship Award. Carl Huffman Minar RGB.jpgEstablished in 1981, the award is presented in recognition of exceptional scholarly achievement and is named in honor of its first recipient, a former professor in the department of classical studies.

At the dinner, Neal B. Abraham, executive vice president, vice president of academic affairs and dean of the faculty at DePauw University, announced that two visiting professors will join the DePauw faculty next spring: Max L. Stackhouse -- director of the Project on Public Theology, professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, and 1957 DePauw graduate -- will serve his alma mater as Robert and Carolyn Frederick Distinguished Visiting Professor of Ethics; Erika Doss, professor of art history at the University of Colorado (Boulder), will come to DePauw as Lee G. Hall Distinguished Visiting Professor of Art.

Dr. Abraham also introduced appointees to new endowed professorships and chairs and recognized special appointments made for the current academic year. They are:

Distinguished University Professors:

  • Hampton and Esther Boswell Distinguished University Professor (2001-07): Yvonne C. Williams, Boswell Distinguished University Professor of Black Studies

Distinguished Visiting Professors:

  • Robert and Carolyn Frederick Visiting Professor of Ethics (Spring 2007): Max L. Stackhouse
  • Lee G. Hall Distinguished Visiting Professorship (Spring 2007): Erika Doss, Visiting Professor of Art
  • Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Professor of Journalism (2003-08): Ken Bode
  • James B. Stewart Distinguished Professor of Music (2005-08): Pamela J. CoburnEast College shade xz

University Professors (2006-2010):

  • Masha Belyavski-Frank, Professor of Modern Languages (Russian) and Director of the Russian Studies Program
  • Terri Bonebright, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology
  • Vanessa D. Dickerson, Professor of English and Director of the Black Studies Program
  • Tenzer Family University Professor in Instructional Technology (2006-11): Dave A. Berque, Professor of Computer Science; Robert P. Hershberger, Associate Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish)
  • Tenzer Family University Professor in Instructional Technology (2001-06): Dennis A. Trinkle, Department of History, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chief Information Officer

Endowed Faculty Chairs:

  • Mary Alice Braden Chair in Communication and Theatre (2006-11): Susan R. Wilson, Professor of Communication and Theatre
  • A.W. Crandall Chair in History (2006-11): Mac R. Dixon-Fyle, Professor of History
  • Frank L. Hall Chair in Political Science (2006-11): Sunil K. Sahu, Professor of Political Science
  • Hiram L. Jome Chair in Economics and Management (2006-11): Daniel R. Wachter, Associate Professor of Economics and Management
  • Percy L. Julian Chair in Chemistry and Biochemistry in Honor of Donald J. Cook (2006-11): David T. Harvey, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Richard W. Peck Chair in Creative Writing (2006-08): J. Eugene Gloria, Associate Professor of English
  • Ian M. Rolland Chair in Mathematics (2006-11): Richard C. Smock, Professor of Mathematics

Distinguished Professor Awards (2006-08):

  • Ner Cline Distinguished Professor Award: Mary P. Dixon, Q.G. Noblitt Professor of Economics and Management, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics and Management
  • Medora C. Adams Distinguished Professor Award: Caroline B. Smith, Associate Professor of Music
  • George Manners Distinguished Professor Award: Barbara J. Whitehead, Associate Professor of History

Faculty Fellowships (2006-09):

  • Vernon O. and Valerie Watson Hamilton Faculty Fellowship: Karin Ahlm, Kenneth S. Wagoner Professor of Psychology and Professor of Psychology, Course Development and Enrichment with Personality/Social Neuroscience
  • John J. & Elizabeth Bowden Baughman Faculty Fellowship: Inge Aures, Associate Professor of Modern Languages (German), Translation of Berel Lang's 'Holocaust Representation'
  • Rebecca L. Bordt, Associate Professor of Sociology, The Ethics of Punishment: What Prisoners Say About Their Prison Experiences
  • Martha C. Rieth Faculty Fellowships: Marthe A. Chandler, Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, Studies in Comparative Aesthetics: Western and Chinese Conceptions of Order; Kevin S. Kinney, Associate Professor of Biology, Development of Case Studies in Immunology and Physiology
  • Tom Chiarella, Professor of English, Things I Already Know in a Language I Don't Understand
  • John Clark Ridpath Faculty Fellowship: Dana Dudle, Associate Professor of Biology, Using Local Case Studies and Student-Designed Projects in Campus Natural Areas to Teach Plant Biology and Conservation Biology
  • Eugene Gloria, Associate Professor of English), Rumor of Tranquility: A Collection of Poems
  • Jeffrey T. Kenney, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, Integrating the Study of Ethics Into the Study of Religion and Conflict
  • Scott Ross, Associate Professor of Psychology, Parsing the Construct: Validation of a Three-Component Model of Psychopathy
  • Rebecca K. Schindler, Associate Professor of Classical Studies, How Do We Let The Past Lie? The Ethics of Cultural History
  • Jane Eklund Anderson Faculty Fellowship: Michael L. Sinowitz, Associate Professor of English, Body Politics: History, Genre, and the Body in Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin Series

Also honored at the dinner were retiring faculty members Bernard F. Batto, Walter E. Bundy Professor of Religious Studies and Professor of Religious Studies, who came to DePauw in 1987; Robert E. Calvert, Professor of Political Science (1967); Jere David Field, Professor of English (1982); Nafhat N. Nasr, Professor of Political Science (1987); Judith A. Raybern, Distinguished Professor and Professor of Education Studies (1974); and O. Ralph Raymond, Professor of Political Science (1971).

Previous winners of the Tucker Award are: J. David Field, department of English, O. Ralph Raymond, Department of Political Science), Andrea E. Sununu, Department of English (2005); Catherine E. Fruhan, Department of Art (2004); Roderick Clifford, Department of History, Nancy J. Davis,East College Spring Walk 2004.JPG Department of Sociology and Anthropology, John Dittmer, Department of History, Charles E. Mays, Department of Biology (2003); Robert E. Calvert, Department of Political Science, Cynthia E. Cornell, Department of English, Nafhat N. Nasr, Department of Political Science (2002); James M. Mannon, Department of Sociology (2001); John E. Morrill, Departments of Mathematics and Economics and Management (2000); William C. Cavanaugh, Department of English (1999); Martha Rainbolt, Department of English (1998); Ralph Gray, Department of Economics and Management (1997); Brandt N. Steele, Department of Classical Studies (1996); Robert O. Weiss, Department of Communication Arts and Sciences (1995); H. John Eigenbrodt, Department of Philosophy and Religion (1994); John B. Wilson, Department of History (1993); James R. Gammon, Department of Biological Sciences (1992); Paul B. Kissinger, Department of Physics and Astronomy (1991); F. Walker Gilmer, Department of English (1990); Robert D. Newton, Department of Philosophy and Religion (1989); Cassel Grubb, School of Music (1988).

Prior recipients of the Minar Award are: Yung-chen Chiang, Department of History and Arthur B. Evans, Department of Modern Languages (2005); Noah M. Lemos, Department of Philosophy (2004); Valarie Ziegler, Department of Religious Studies (2003); Wayne E. Glausser, Department of English (1999); John Dittmer, Department of History (1995); Underwood Dudley, Department of Mathematics (1994); Edwin L. Minar Jr., Department of Classical Studies (1981).