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HS Senior, Coming to DePauw as Media Fellow, Wins Journalism Award

HS Senior, Coming to DePauw as Media Fellow, Wins Journalism Award

April 27, 2006

bloom walk 2.jpgApril 27, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - Jonathan Batuello, a senior at South Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was awarded the Sterling Sentinel Journalism Award in ceremonies last night. His experiences editing his high school newspaper made "Batuello more aware of the power of the press and the First Amendment, which made him want to turn journalism into his career," notes a story in today's Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. "He plans to attend DePauw University in Greencastle, where he’s one of about 25 accepted into the college’s Media Fellows program."

Sheena Dooley writes, "Jonathan Batuello has spent the past year fighting an uphill battle. Last year, the South Side High School student went head-to-head with Fort Wayne Community Schools administrators, protesting a policy that stifled the reporter and his peers at the student newspaper, South Side Times. As a senior and the editor of the publication, Batuello started the school year with nine staff members, three of whom had experience. At the same time, there was no journalism adviser... So Campus Spring Hub 2004.JPGBatuello spent the first two weeks training staff on how to be reporters, take photos and design pages. He worked to turn the paper into something for the entire South Side community, not just students. Those efforts, among others, made Sterling Sentinel judges take notice of Batuello."

The article also describes how the student's work led to a change in the policy of the Fort Wayne Community Schools. Access the entire text at the newspaper's Web site.