Prof. Dennis Trinkle '91 Receives Mira Award for Educational Contribution to Technology

Prof. Dennis Trinkle '91 Receives Mira Award for Educational Contribution to Technology

May 20, 2006

Dennis Trinkle.jpgMay 20, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - Dennis A. Trinkle, associate vice president for academic affairs and chief information officer at DePauw University, is the winner of the 2006 Techpoint Mira Award for Educational Contribution to Technology. Dr. Trinkle, a 1991 graduate of DePauw, was honored Friday night at the Mira Awards banquet, which was held at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indianapolis.

"While I am overwhelmed by this honor, it really reflects on the terrific work that is done by my colleagues at DePauw -- in information services and throughout the University community," says Trinkle, who also serves as Tenzer Family University Professor in Instructional Technology. "We have made tremendous strides as a university and are now seen as a leader in the ways we enhance teaching and learning in a liberal arts environment through technology. This is another wonderful affirmation that our efforts are making a difference," he adds.

"DePauw and the other organizations we honor with Mira Awards have made significant, even breakthrough, contributions to Indiana technology," says J. Cameron Carter, president and CEO of Techpoint. "Mira participants represent theTechnology Computer Tablets.jpg future economic leadership of our state."

The Mira Awards focus the spotlight on the accomplishments of companies and organizations that operate in health and life sciences, information technology and manufacturing. In 2003, DePauw University was among three Indiana colleges and universities to be cited with a Mira Award for "excellence in the delivery or use of technology to further learning and educational achievement."

Professor Trinkle's award is noted on Business Wire. Read the announcement here.

An op-ed by Dennis Trinkle -- examining how DePauw's 361° technology programs have created new opportunities for students to learn and innovate and the implications that has for the economies of Indiana and the world -- was published in the March 5 edition of the Indianapolis Star.  Learn more in this previous story.

tech classroom.jpgTrinkle was also quoted in a March 2 USA Today story that cited DePauw among "Colleges Going Cyber."

DePauw is among the "Top 50 Most Unwired College Campuses," according to a survey of all institutions of higher learning -- big and small -- sponsored by Intel Corporation. DePauw is ranked #30 -- the highest of any liberal arts college in America -- in the report, which appeared in the October 17 edition of U.S. News & World Report. More than 1,000 campuses were included; only 50 made the final list. Survey findings are based on the percentage of campus that is covered by wireless technology, the number of undergraduate students and the computer to student ratio for each school.