Morgan Stanley's Mary Meeker '81 On the 'Next Big Thing'

Morgan Stanley's Mary Meeker '81 On the 'Next Big Thing'

July 2, 2006

Mary Meeker BW.gifJuly 2, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - "Mary Meeker, the influential Internet and software analyst from Morgan Stanley... expects more companies to focus on mobile commerce, citing the fact that most consumers appear to be willing to pay to download games and ring tones on their phones, even though they would probably not pay for similar services on their computers," notes a story at CNN/ Meeker, managing director of Morgan Stanley, is a 1981 graduate of DePauw University.

The article begins, "Venture capitalists still see a lot that interests them, but it's mostly not in glamorous, sexy industries like the Internet. Speaking at a breakfast panel discussion at Fortune's Brainstorm conference Friday morning, several prominent VCs talked about the industries and regions where they are focusing most of their attention. Instead of funding hot new Internet startups to take on the Googles, eBays and Fortune Cover May 15 2006.jpgMySpaces of the world, several VCs said that areas like healthcare, energy, wireless communications and even good old-fashioned technology, things like software and semiconductors, are attractive."

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Mary Meeker was profiled in the May 15, 2006 issue of Fortune magazine. A summary can be found in this previous story.