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Julie McWhirter '70 is Voice of TV's Jeannie

Julie McWhirter '70 is Voice of TV's Jeannie

October 17, 1974

Jeannie Cartoon.jpgOctober 17, 1974, Greencastle, Ind. - If you're listening carefully to Saturday morning cartoons these days, you're likely to hear the voice of Julie McWhirter, who graduated from DePauw University in 1970 with a degree in speech. McWhirter provides the voice of Jeannie, the female genie, in the animated version of I Dream of Jeannie now airing on CBS-TV.

McWhirter has also appeared on another Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Partridge Family, 2200 A.D., and her voice is featured in several toys now on the market, including a "talking" picture schoolhouse. Her voiceover work will also be heard in the forthcoming Barbra Streisand movie, Funny Lady.