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Dedication to Community Service "Speaks to Us in a Very Strong Way," Admissions VP Tells Newspaper

Dedication to Community Service "Speaks to Us in a Very Strong Way," Admissions VP Tells Newspaper

August 23, 2006

Students August 2006 1.jpgAugust 23, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - "Commitment sounds as dated as an 8-track tape deck in a '77 Duster these days," begins a column in Indiana's Terre Haute Tribune-Star that quotes Stefanie Niles, vice president for admission at DePauw University. The newspaper's Mark Bennett continues, "Americans can click away almost anything that has momentarily lost their interest, just like a TV remote control. But stick-to-it-ive-ness remains a virtue in at least one 21st-century setting -- the entrance to college campuses."

Bennett reports, "Scholarship selection committees want, in addition to strong grades, to see a track record of service to a small number of stephanie niles.jpgprojects from these high schoolers. And when a college admissions officer must decide between two prospects whose grades are equal, their volunteerism -- or lack thereof -- might be the tiebreaker."

The writer points out that admission officers are "not necessarily looking for dozens of club memberships. Instead, a kid who spends a year or more on a handful of activities is more likely to get noticed. In other words, those who made a commitment ... 'It tends to be a laundry list of activities that students have done to make themselves look good, as opposed to students being committed to a few activities,' said Stefanie Niles, admissions director at DePauw University. 'Yes, resume-building tends to be obvious. We'd rather see a student who's committed themselves to, say, the candy stripers at the hospital for three years. College Mentors 2006 2.jpgThe longevity speaks to us in a very strong way.'"

Read the complete text -- which asserts that "the top requirement for acceptance" into DePauw "is academic performance" -- at the newspaper's Web site.

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About 70% of DePauw students engage in community service projects. This Saturday, you're invited to join in the "First-Year Plunge." Details can be found by clicking here. Read about how DePauw students serve as College Mentors for Kids here.

Source: Terre Haute Tribune-Star