Chris Sidor '98 Featured in NPR Story on Increasing # of Independent Voters

Chris Sidor '98 Featured in NPR Story on Increasing # of Independent Voters

January 24, 2007

January 24, 2007, Greencastle, Ind. - "Thirty-year-old Chris Sidor is a Hollywood sound technician on his way to pulling another 16 hour shift," began a story that aired on National Public Radio this morning. A 1998 gradute of DePauw University, "Chris Sidor is a problem solver and he thinks that politicians should be, too," reports NPR's Ina Jaffe. "He's a registered Independent... (who) doesn't see himself fitting into either of the majorvote clip art.jpg parties."

The Morning Edition segment focused on the rise of unaffiliated voters in California. Jaffe notes that about 20% of voters in the Golden State have no party preference, "and this appears to be a national trend. It's one way voters are dealing with the sharp divisions between Republicans and Democrats."

Sidor tells NPR, "The typical Republican constituent would be the religious right; the typical Democrat constituent would be an underrepresented minority. So, I don't fall into either of those categories and I think my positions on issues are just a philosophical examination of everything."

Movie Reel Film.jpgExperts interviewed for the segment suggest independent voters could outnumber Democrats and/or Republicans within twenty years.

Hear the complete story online at NPR's Web site.

A music business major at DePauw, Christopher Sidor's lengthy list of credits include such recent films as Little Miss Sunshine, Snakes on a Plane, Wedding Crashers and 21 Grams.  Learn more by clicking here.