Cathy Day '91 Writes of How -- Like the Indianapolis Colts -- She "Made it Personal"

Cathy Day '91 Writes of How -- Like the Indianapolis Colts -- She "Made it Personal"

February 5, 2007

Cathy Day 2006.jpgFebruary 5, 2007, Greencastle, Ind. - In an essay at the Web site of Sports Illustrated, Cathy Day describes how she took the motto of the Indianapolis Colts -- "Make it Personal" -- to heart after last season's disappointing playoff loss to Pittsburgh. "I took them at their word and made a decision: if the Colts could come back in 2006 and try again, so could I," writes Day, author of The Circus in Winter and 1991 graduate of DePauw University. "And so my season-long project began with a simple premise: Let's see if -- in one year -- the Colts can win the Super Bowl and I can get happy."

Day, who teaches writing at the University of Pittsburgh, is a native of Indiana and a Colts fan. She dubbed her project 'Super Bowl Ring.' "In the offseason, while the Colts repaired their bodies and Peyton Manning filmed a myriad of TV commercials, I did some thinking. Professionally, I had colts helmet.gifeverything I'd ever wanted -- a published book, a college teaching job -- but personally, nothing about my life made any sense to me. It wasn't just being single. I was in a huge rut."

The writer offers a five point "game plan" she followed as the year, and the football season, progressed. "And so, the season is over. The Colts, bless their hearts, finally have their Super Bowl rings, and my life has taken a 180-degree turn. For the first time in a long time, I'm happy. I watched the game in a warm room full of good friends in a town that's starting to feel like home. No, there wasn't a fella sitting next to me, but for the first time in a long time, I really believe it's going to happen. From the Colts, I learned you have to prepare for the big win rather than waiting for it to magically arrive." 

In conclusion, Day offers, "And you, reading this, what team do you love? Do you love it enough to become a better person? Love it enough to change your life -- and not just on Sunday? Then do it -- for just one season. Do your best every single day. Love your team, and love yourself. Make it personal, and see what happens. Maybe your team will win the Super Bowl, too."

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The Circus in Winter, Day's first book, appeared on at least two "Best of 2004" lists and received praise in numerous media outlets -- including the New York Times, Newsday, and Sports Illustrated -- and was one of three finalists for the Story Prize. The author began working on the book while she was a student at DePauw.