Delta Zeta Situation Prompts Letters to New York Times

Delta Zeta Situation Prompts Letters to New York Times

February 28, 2007

delta zeta wthr.jpgFebruary 28, 2007, Greencastle, Ind. - "As a member of the DePauw University campus Greek system, I found what happened at the Delta Zeta house frustrating," writes Megan Bowker in the New York Times. Identified by the newspaper as a Science Research Fellow, Bowker is one of four individuals whose letters to the editor on the Delta Zeta situation were published in Tuesday's newspaper. The Times featured the DZ story in its Sunday edition.

"The Greek system at DePauw was atypical in that girls who might not have joined a sorority on any other campus in the country felt comfortable joining a sorority at DePauw and benefiting from the bonds and friendships gained from it," Bowker writes. "This is no longer the case, thanks to Delta Zeta's national officers."NY Times Background.jpg

Another student, Christopher Zingaro, asserts, "With luck, from this controversy, the student body at DePauw will come to embrace sororities like Delta Zeta and eliminate the negative stereotypes that lead to controversies that divert attention away from sororities' philanthropy, scholarship and community involvement."

In all, Tuesday's paper included four letters on the DZ situation. Martha Griffin writes, "My daughter is one of the women who were ousted from Delta Zeta at DePauw University. Her commitment to the chapter is undeniable. She was the chapter treasurer, represented the chapter at the Greek Council on campus and participated in all activities ... These women cared about their community and had it torn away because they didn't fit the image that certain members zahn feb 26 2007.jpgof the national organization wanted."

Access the complete text at the Times' Web site (a free registration may be required).

Former members of Delta Zeta were featured on Tuesday's edition of ABC's Good Morning America. A story that includes video clips can be found here. CNN's Paula Zahn Now led with the story Monday night.

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