TIME Writes of DePauw's New President, Clyde E. Wildman '13

TIME Writes of DePauw's New President, Clyde E. Wildman '13

August 24, 1936

President Clyde Wildman.jpgAugust 24, 1936, Greencastle, Ind. - "Dr. Clyde Everett Wildman, Professor of Old Testament history and religion at Boston University's School of Theology," is the new president of DePauw University, reports TIME. The magazine continues, "Stocky, round-faced President-elect Wildman, 47, is a loyal DePauw alumnus (Class of 1913), is married to a DePauw alumna, has a twelve-year-old daughter who is a prime DePauw prospect."

The story notes, "Alumni of big Methodist DePauw University complain that in spite of its 1,300 students, its leafy campus in Greencastle, Ind. and its comfortable presidential house, DePauw's presidents consistently resign to become Methodist bishops. Of the six head men DePauw has elected since 1903, four hastily left it in the lurch as soon as Methodism's General Conference beckoned. Last of these was liberal, orotund G. (for Garfield) Bromley Oxnam, newly installed Methodist Bishop of the Iowa and Nebraska area (TIME, May 25)."

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