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New Teaching Award Honors Prof. Emeritus Edwin Minar

New Teaching Award Honors Prof. Emeritus Edwin Minar

May 11, 1981

Edwin Minar & Richard Rosser.jpgMay 11, 1981, Greencastle, Ind. - Edwin L. Minar Jr. is the first -- and surprised -- recipient of a new teaching award at DePauw University. The Minar Scholarship Award, named for its first recipient, will be presented "to some DePauw faculty member who has accumulated an exceptional scholarly record suggestive of Professor Minar's achievements," says DePauw President Richard F. Rosser (seen to the right of Dr. Minar in the photo at left).

The new award carries a modest honorarium for its recipient plus a sum to purchase books of the winner's choice for DePauw's Roy O. West Library. A plaque will be placed in the new faculty room in historic East College, "not only to remind us of those who have been distinguished by this award but also to inspire us ... as teachers-scholars to remember always that the teaching is actuated by the Old DePauw Gold EC Logo.jpgliveliness of mind and of the importance of speaking with authority in one's field to the wider world," says Dr. Rosser. 

Edwin Minar was a member of the classical languages department from 1951 until his retirement last year. He authored nearly 50 reviews of major works in Greek philosophy and published 10 articles on the same aubject. His doctoral thesis on early Pythagorean politics is considered the standard work on this controversial subject. Minar has been invited to present scholarly papers at international conferences and is sought as a translator of foreign authors' works in the field of Greek philosophy.

Professor Minar also served as president of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy.