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DePauw #9 in Nation & Tops in GLCA for Voluntary Support

DePauw #9 in Nation & Tops in GLCA for Voluntary Support

June 19, 1981

east college 1978.jpgJune 19, 1981, Greencastle, Ind. - A new survey of voluntary support to the nation's colleges and universities ranks DePauw University ninth out of 473 institutions of its type. DePauw received a record $6,116,173 in gifts in 1979-80, according to the report prepared and issued by the Council for Financial Aid to Education (CFAE). The survey also ranks DePauw as #1 among the 12-member consortium of private liberal arts colleges known as the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA).

The top five colleges ahead of DePauw in its national reference group of 473 private co-educational institutions included: 1) Pepperdine ($12,372,000), 2) Union (N.Y.) College ($7,448,000), 3) Williams (Massachusetts), 4) Pomona (California) and Trinity (Texas). Finishing behind DePauw in the GLCA were 2) Earlham Richard Rosser.jpg($5,921,000), 3) Oberlin, 4) Hope, 5) Ohio Wesleyan, and 6) Denison.

"When you look at this amazing performance we had in the last recorded CFAE survey, it is clear how much we depend on the tremendous loyalty and affection of our alumni," says DePauw President Richard F. Rosser (pictured at right). "The kind of spririt that exists at DePauw among its alumni is extraordinary. I think of the phenomenal work of the 1933 football team and its effort to build Neal Fieldhouse in Lilly Center as an example of the devotion there is for the school."