Story on "Green Buildings" Features Prindle Institute for Ethics

Story on "Green Buildings" Features Prindle Institute for Ethics

October 4, 2007

Prindle Construction May 2007.jpgOctober 4, 2007, Greencastle, Ind. - "When the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics opens this month at DePauw University in Greencastle, it will be one of the first buildings in Central Indiana to pursue certification for its environmentally friendly and energy-efficient design," begins a story in today's Indianapolis Star. "The building is a crowning achievement for DePauw, and for CSO Architects, an Indianapolis firm that designed the building and is at the cutting edge of the 'green building' movement," writes Carolyn Duffy Marsan.

The article notes, "To achieve LEED [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] certification, most of the building's materials must come from within 500 miles of the site, and recycled materials must be used. A building also must conserve energy and water, and construction processes must reduce landfill waste. Buildings can be rated LEED Silver, Gold or Platinum depending on the level of energy efficiency and sustainability. CSO expects the 22,800-square- foot Prindle Institute to receive canoe launch Nature park.jpgthe LEED Silver certification in the next two months. The DePauw building will be CSO's first to receive LEED recognition."

Marsan reports, "On average, LEED-certified buildings cost 3 percent more to construct than regular buildings, according to industry estimates. Among the extra costs are the paperwork needed for LEED certification and special energy-efficient models that must be run. However, these buildings are likely to save money in lower operating and maintenance costs."

CSO's Dan Moriarity says the "green building" movement began on college campuses, and is now influencing how companies are designing commercial buildings," he tells the newspaper. "They're pursuing it to be good corporate citizens and to do the right thing. That may be the best payback of all. It's not quantifiable, but it's a payback in spades for our children."

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DePauw University will dedicate the new Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics on Friday, October 26, over Old Gold Weekend.  Visit the Institute online by clicking here.