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Prof. Amir Rafat to Lead DePauw's Office of International Studies

Prof. Amir Rafat to Lead DePauw's Office of International Studies

June 22, 1982

Amir Rafat.jpgJune 22, 1982, Greencastle, Ind. - Amir Rafat, professor of political science at DePauw, has been appointed director of the University's Office of International Studies. In his new position, Dr. Rafat will be responsible for the management of international programs sponsored by DePauw and all application and course transfer work for international programs sponsored by other universities. The International Studies Office also serves international students who study at DePauw.

"International education is a very important part of the educational experience at DePauw," says Rafat. "I think we have a very extensive program for a liberal arts college, but what we have can be improved, and this is an important priority."

DePauw currently sponsors programs in Freiburg, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Athens, Greece; Strasbourg, France; and Seville, Spain. Rafat has directed the Freiburg and Athens programs in the past, and has also led the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) European Urban Term, in which students study in England, Holland and Yugoslavia.

"I would like to see more international students coming to DePauw, and I would also like to work on an exchange program for the faculty," states Professor Rafat. "England, West Germany and Globe3.jpgFrance would be ideal places to look for this connection."

The 49-year-old educator brings a wide international experience to the office. A native of Iran, Rafat earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. He also studied at the Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands, researched in France and the Middle East, and traveled extensively. He earned his master's degree at the University of Nebraska and doctorate at the University of Minnesota.

Before joining the DePauw faculty in 1966, Amir Rafat taught at Westmar (Iowa) College, Kent State and the University of South Dakota. He teaches European and Middle East government and international politics and law at DePauw.