Italian News Crew Pays Visit to VP Museum at the Dan Quayle ('69) Center

Italian News Crew Pays Visit to VP Museum at the Dan Quayle ('69) Center

January 27, 2008

dan-quayle-2004.jpgJanuary 27, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. - "The United States Vice Presidential Museum at the Dan Quayle Center recently received a bit of international media attention," reports Marion, Indiana's Chronicle-Tribune. "An Italian news crew from SKY TG24 stopped at the museum to film a feature segment while traveling across the country covering the 2008 presidential election." The museum is located in Huntington, Indiana, the hometown of Quayle, America's 44th vice president and 1969 graduate of DePauw University. He is currently global chairman of Cerberus Capital Management.

The newspaper item continues, "While at the museum, the crew interviewed executive director Daniel Johns and board president Ryan Warner. Topics covered during the seven-minute segment included the history of the vice presidency, qualifications of a potential vice president, dan quayle bush reagan.jpgand what candidates might emerge for the office. The segment is now posted on the Web site under 'American 2008 On The Road.'" (at right: Quayle with then-Vice President George Bush and President Ronald Reagan)

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