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"Exciting" Future Mapped Out by Judson Green '74 in Directions Interview

"Exciting" Future Mapped Out by Judson Green '74 in Directions Interview

June 13, 2008

Judson Green 2005.gifJune 13, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. - "Don't think of our map going into a nav system in the front seat of the car; think of our map going into the engine of the car to help drive the car," Judson Green, president and CEO of NAVTEQ says. Green, a 1974 graduate of DePauw and member of the University's Board of Trustees, is interviewed by Directions magazine, noting that the future of navigation technologies involves "dozens and dozens and dozens of applications which would fundamentally improve the safety of the car, the productivity of the car, the efficiencies, and we think that's a very exciting area," he says.

A podcast of the interview -- which lasts approximately 20 minutes and was recorded Tuesday -- is available via the magazine's Web site

Judson Green is the former president of Walt Disney Attractions. Learn more about him in this Mobile Map Device.jpgprevious story.

A lead gift by Judson and Joyce Taglauer Green '75 made possible the $29 million expansion and renovation of DePauw's Performing Arts Center. Now known as the Judson and Joyce Green Center for the Performing Arts, the building was dedicated on October 25 in an evening which featured a performance by New York's acclaimed Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. A summary of dedication -- including video and audio clips and photographs -- can be found in this article.