First Day of Classes Begins 2008-09 Academic Year at DePauw

First Day of Classes Begins 2008-09 Academic Year at DePauw

August 27, 2008

First Day of Classes 2008 1.JPGAugust 27, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. - Under blue, cloudless skies and temperatures in the upper 60s, DePauw students walked to their first classes this morning as the 2008-09 academic year began. The nearly 2,400 undergraduates (an official number won't be known until September 5 when enrollment verification is completed) include a record 127 international students, a group that comprises approximately 5% of the University's total student body.

Students have been returning to the Greencastle campus over the past ten days, with the incoming Class of 2012 moving in to their residence halls last Saturday, August 23, and joining with President Brian W. Casey in launching a new tradition. Led by the new president, the 625 new students processed from Locust and Anderson Streets, past East College and the academic quad, and then to the Green Center for the Performing Arts for the opening convocation. Video Link [Download Video: "Procession of Students" - 4800kb]

Dr. Casey, who became DePauw's nineteenth president on July 1, told the new students, Video Link [Download Video: "The Element of Surprise" - 1522kb] "Beginning today -- First Day Classes 2008 2JPGright now -- start making your world as big as you can. Open yourself to any possibility you can imagine. Open up your ears because you never know when you're going to hear something that will present you with enormous possibilities. Open up your eyes and see something new. Open up your mind. Let the world in and it will always, always surprise you. Don't allow yourself to close yourself off to any new possibility because of fear or uncertainty. Don't let worry about the future limit it."

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