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Resume of Actor Drew Powell '98 "Seems to Get Stronger Every Year"

Resume of Actor Drew Powell '98 "Seems to Get Stronger Every Year"

December 7, 2008

Drew Powell 2006.jpgDecember 7, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. — "Actor Drew Powell sure doesn't seem like the Hollywood type, but he's done very little looking back since he grabbed his diploma from DePauw University, packed his Toyota and drove to L.A. in 1998," notes today's Indianapolis Star. Susan Guyett's "Talk of Our Town" column includes an update on Powell, the actor and 1998 DePauw graduate, who returned to the area to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.

"If Powell's name doesn't ring a bell, his face probably does," writes Guyett. "He's in a Verizon Wireless commercial that runs constantly, he played Hoss Cartwright in the popular PAX series Ponderosa, and he guest-starred in shows like Cold Case and Without a Trace. He'll also be duking it out with Oscar winner Timothy Hutton in an upcoming episode Drew Powell The Office Steve Carell.jpgof the new TNT series Leverage. And that just scratches the surface of Powell's resume, which seems to get stronger each year. Powell is currently working on a film called Going Under, which he co-wrote and will co-star in with actor Matt Carmody, who played his older brother, Adam, in Ponderosa." (at right: Powell with Steve Carell on NBC's The Office)

Access the complete column at IndyStar.com.

Drew Powell -- who was an English (literature) major and Media Fellow at DePauw -- appeared on the September 30 episode of House. Learn more in this previous story.