Eco-Friendly Business of Kyle Smitley '07 Featured in Newspaper

Eco-Friendly Business of Kyle Smitley '07 Featured in Newspaper

February 24, 2009

Kyle Smitley 2009-1.jpgFebruary 24, 2009, Greencastle, Ind. — "I really wanted to create a business that held itself to the highest standards ethically, and that also gave back to the global community," says Kyle Smitley, owner of barley & birch and 2007 graduate of DePauw University. Smitley and her company -- which makes a line of all-organic children's clothing -- are featured in the Crescent-News of Defiance, Ohio.

The newspaper notes that Smitley is running her business while attending law school at the University of Toledo. Her firm has been "added to the National Green Pages, the United State's premier listing of environmentally and socially responsible businesses."

Smitley, who majored in environmental geoscience and philosophy at DePauw, says, "I think the incredible response we have had so early on says that people are increasingly concerned with the business practices of companies that they support. We are proud to set such high standards for ourselves, regardless of the cost or effort it requires," barley & birch.jpgshe tells the Crescent-News.

The article adds, "Environmentally, barley & birch is created from certified organic cotton, and is manufactured in the U.S. Every facet of the business, including production and shipping, is completely carbon neutral and the company offsets 100 percent of its emissions. Socially, barley & birch donates at least 25 percent of its profits to a variety of organizations working to improve the environment and the global community."

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