Creative Director Matt Reinhard '89 Featured in Advertising Age

Creative Director Matt Reinhard '89 Featured in Advertising Age

November 6, 2000

East College Wide NLa.jpgNovember 6, 2000, Greencastle, Ind. — "Some children go to Disneyland, but when he was a child, Matt Reinhard's father took him to McDonaldland, a Hollywood set for Ronald McDonald commercials, where apple pies hung from trees," begins a story in Advertising Age on the 1989 DePauw University graduate. "Today, the 33-year-old son of DDB Worldwide CEO Keith Reinhard is back in the fast-food world. This time, he's group creative director at FCB Worldwide, San Francisco where he and copywriter Tom O'Keefe, are developing a new positioning campaign for Taco Bell."

Alice Z. Cuneo writes, "Reinhard so far has worked on one spot for a group of 99 Chalupas and now has the opportunity to produce what may be a watershed campaign for FCB's San Francisco office."

The text points out that Reinhard "attended Advertising Age.gifDePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., majoring in art. His first job was with a graphics company; among his projects there, he designed drawings that showed employees at GMC plants the proper way to sew car seat covers."

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