Bestselling Author John Jakes '53 is Penning New Book

Bestselling Author John Jakes '53 is Penning New Book

May 23, 2009

John Jakes 2007 Image.jpgMay 23, 2009, Greencastle, Ind. — John Jakes, bestselling author and 1953 graduate of DePauw University, is "working slowly but steadily toward book 3 of his Crown Family Saga, about a family of German immigrants in Chicago," writes the Sarasota Herald-Tribune's Susan Rife. "The new book will be set in the 1920s, an interesting time for an author of historical fiction, he said."

The column continues, "He writes a chapter or two a week but said he's finding relaxing in Florida, going to the theater and 'fine dining' more appealing than settling down to write. He's not under contract for the new book, so consequently has no deadline... and thus no pressure."

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John Jakes has been called America's "godfather of the historical novel." He has sold more than 50 million books, including 18 consecutive New York Times bestsellers and became the first author to have three books on the Times' best-seller list in a single year with The Kent Family Chronicles.

In 2008, he received the South Carolina Art Commission's Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Governor's Award for the Arts for lifetime achievement. In accepting the award, Jakes stated, "A writer can finish a 900-page novel, as I did with North and South ... a poet can finish a sonnet, a composer a pop tune or an opera, but the work of supporting the arts is never finished." Read more here.