Mike Wanchic '74 Co-Produces John Mellencamp's New Live Album

Mike Wanchic '74 Co-Produces John Mellencamp's New Live Album

July 6, 2009

Mike Wanchic live a.jpgJuly 6, 2009, Greencastle, Ind. — Mike Wanchic, "part of John Mellencamp's band for over 30 years" and a member of DePauw University's Class of 1974, is co-producer of Mellencamp's latest release, Love, Death, Live and Freedom. The Bloomington Herald-Times also notes that Wanchic plays guitar on the tracks, which were recorded live.

"The collection reflects the way the songs were heard by audiences for the very first time as Mellencamp assiduously adhered to a doctrine of audio vérité," reports the newspaper. "Concert tracks, sourced directly from the mixing board, were not subject to John Mellencamp 2009 Live.jpgafter-the-fact studio enhancement, overdubbing, etc, and, as a result, offer a view of Mellencamp as both songwriter and communicator, on an elemental, truly accessible level."

The article can be found at the Herald-Times' Web site (a paid subscription is required).

Mike Wanchic has co-produced a number of Mellencamp's hit records and is the longtime director of the singer-songwriter's band. Learn more in this previous story.