New DePauw Digital Library Featured in Newspaper

New DePauw Digital Library Featured in Newspaper

November 5, 2009

Double Decker archives.jpgNovember 5, 2009, Greencastle, Ind. — "Wonder what a gym top circa 1927 looked like? Want to see a photo of the DePauw University 1914 freshman class? Now, it can happen with the click of a mouse," reports today's edition of the Banner-Graphic. The Greencastle newspaper notes, "DePauw University's library has launched a digital library, which currently contains more than 30,000 photographs, publications and other artifacts spanning the history of the University, Putnam County and Indiana United Methodism." (at left: photo of the old Double Decker on Locust Street)

"We want people to discover our resource," says Wesley Wilson, coordinator of archives and special collections at DePauw. "Explore it. Spend time searching it."

Shannen Hayes writes. "The searchable database, which took two years to build, includes all issues of The DePauw dating back to 1932 and photographs fromlibrary spring 2005.jpg DePauw's archives and the late Greencastle photographer Ralph Taylor ... The site, which was built by the Digital Library Planning Group, will continually be updated. It is considered a supplement to the libraries and archives."

"It is another way for people to learn about DePauw's history, traditions and art collections," adds Rick Provine, director of libraries.

Read more at the newspaper's Web site, and visit the digital collection by clicking here.

Further details can be found in this recent article.